Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our MC are "All ABOARD"!!!

This weekend we had the pleasure of driving to Kingsville or as some like to call it 'swingsville' with RG (similar to JC but not quite) and my BFF. We were on route to spend the weekend with "AWESOME" friends of ours P and S. They have just purchased a new home and we had yet to go down and see it. This trip was planned months ago and we have been counting down the days until we were able to see everyone. You see, these are 4 of the most down to earth and funny people that we know. You can only imagine what kind of trouble we got in to.

Let me just start off by saying that this weekend quickly turned in to "Make Fun of KL's Braces as much as Possible Weekend". Somehow BFF decided that it would be a fun game to try and tell as many funny 1 liners about my teeth as possible. I not only thought this was a great idea, I was in charge of handing out the points. Round 1 went to Mr. RG - the comment that put him on the top of the leader board was .. (Someone said something?? and I wasn't paying attention and I asked them to repeat it and) RG said... She can't hear you the Train is going by.... LMAO. All the stars aligned for him and this was a seriously funny comment. There were several other great comments and a bunch of points were handed out ... and the over all winner at the end of the night went to..... this comment - I was so hungry by the time dinner rolled around and I said "I'm so hungry I could eat for 2." and RG stopped everyone and said listen to this one it's a 4 pointer (who awards them self points before the comment is even made?? Apparently RG) "KL is eating for 2 - her AND the conductor." :) The night went on like this.... Pretty funny stuff. Thanks RG for finding such humor in my current situation :P I can't wait for pay back ;)

There were so many other great memories for us but I think the best one will go down as when my BFF handed out the trophy for the "BEST Pumpkin Carver 2008" ( I got a trophy that had a baby pumpkin on it.) I decided to take this moment and ask P & S if they would like to be our MC's at our wedding. They are great friends and we are so blessed to have them in our lives. They are a true example of what a GREAT marriage is and we look up to them so much. They are not only perfect for the job but they are so on it - S even asked if they could get a list of names of people speaking so they could start preparing.... Now that is dedication :)

The memories made this weekend will last a life time. Thanks to the crew this weekend for making our lifes so much fuller. Love KL & Rock DJ


Pauline said...

What a great weekend! I'm sure you've had your fix of small-town dive bars for some time though :) B-Rock was a bit wide-eyed during the whole experience, lol!

Pauline said...

Oh, we are also incredibly honoured to be the MC's! We are soooo excited.