Friday, November 7, 2008

Engagment Pictures

Our amazing photographer.... Eric Rockburn took our engagement pictures in late Sept (it was actually Sept 27th... exactly one year from our wedding) he was so great and posted some of them on his blog ( but this was only a preview. I'm a hardcore scrapbooker... and when it comes to pictures I want them as soon as I can get them. As you can imagin this is killing me, not being able to see them. Eric is a great friend and I know he wouldn't want to torture me like this..... right Eric??? but I'm dieing to see the pictures. This sunday we are meeting up with Eric to pick-up our pictures and so he can show us our online website. He refused to give me the password because he wanted to be there to show them to us. I would like to you know that I have been waiting patiently to see them and this has been killing me.

Sunday- Today we picked up our pictures from Eric and and we are so happy. They are once again better then we anticipated and we can't wait to start putting everything together. We have save the dates to send out. We have our invitations and signing pictures to think about... this is going to be so much fun.

Once I find out where B saved the pictures on the computer I will post some for you.

Until next time.... Yes Eric I will start posting more often...I didn't think that people wanted to hear about what I'm doing on a daily basis... apparently I was wrong. LOL

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Pauline said...

Yours are probably the most beautiful engagement pics I have ever seen!