Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Competition

Today you are going to learn how competitive I really am. I can find a game in almost anything. B and I can be driving down the road and I will say I bet I can name more songs on the radio then you? (This would actually depend on the station we are on?? If we were on Country I would kick his ass...other wise he would probably kick I would also like you to know that I am not a sore loser - considering how many times I lose to him. If we have played 20 games in the last year I have lost 19 of them. That's how bad I am. I must be a glutton for punishment? However I like to think that I lose graciously, my problem is following through on bets. I'm really bad at that! I'm not sure why?? If I won I'd collect my winnings !! Sometimes I wonder why B is going to Marry me?? I don't really play fair!!

Tomorrow is Halloween and we went Pumpkin picking last weekend for the perfect Jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Brian claims that he is REALLY good at carving pumpkins. In true KL nature I had to take on that challenge. We have set aside this evening for our little competition. We are both going to carve our pumpkins -then let our friends and family vote online for which Jack-o-lantern they think is the best. By tomorrow night we will have the 2008 Pumpkin Carving winner!!!

Please let me know which one you like best??

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