Friday, July 10, 2009

Things I miss....

Now that I'm waiting patiently for the little one to get here I'm reflecting on all of the things that I have missed over the last 9 months and am looking forward to being able to do again shortly.

I miss not being able to reach my feet and properly put on shoes. Thank god for sandals!!

I miss not being able to get in my car without having to heave my self up there and heaven forbid the car door is all the way open because it is rather challenging to try and reach for it.

I miss DRINKING adult drinks. (not to say I'm so ragging alcoholic but I did like a beer from time to time.)

I miss not being able to shave properly. I always miss a spot or for the most part can't even see what I'm shaving.

I miss getting off the couch with ease.

I miss sleeping all the way through the night without having to go to the bathroom... Noted: I will still not be able to sleep through the night because of said baby but it will be nice to have my bladder back.

I miss not being about to eat without getting insane heart burn... I carry TUMS in my purse right now and it is the big bottle.

I miss how conversations use to start with what's new? not How are you feeling? Do you think the baby will be here soon?

I miss being able to see my feet.

I forget what it feels like to have full control over my own body. No one inside my kicking and moving trying to get out. However this is also going to be on my things I will miss while being pregnant.

I miss being about to stand in the kitchen for more then half an hour and not get swollen feet.

These are some of things that I miss right now, but I can't wait for the baby to get here and throw a whole new set of problems our way.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Giving birth to new teeth and a Baby....

July is the month of new birth. 9 months ago I got these awful looking train track teeth and conceived all in the same month. Now I have my braces off and I'm just waiting on the little rug rat to get here.
I'm extremely happy with the way my teeth turned out- let's just hope I'm equally as happy about the baby.... lol Just Kidding. I'm so excited to meet the baby and see 10 little fingers and 10 little toes. Heres hoping it get B's dark features and not my honk-en nose.
Everything wedding is almost done and we are getting very excited about that day as well.
I'll try and keep you posted any any new wedding plans and hopefully I'll be able to post soon that the baby has arrived... but unfortunately not yet.

xoxo KL

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pappy's Advice to his Grand Daughter

Dear Ethyl, Agnes (aka Grand Daughter)

As a father of two girls I want to share with you my experiences of being a Dad. First of all you are lucky to have your Mom and Dad as parents. You won the parent lottery.

Until you are 5, your Mom and Dad will spoil you, as you deserve. I hope you will appreciate it! As your Pappy, I will do everything is can to mess up all the good things your parents have taught you. ENJOY IT!

When you start school, enjoy all the different kids you will meet. Most of them will add something good to your life.
Try lots of different stuff. Play with your friends, join groups, play sports, learn a musical instrument. Do what you like, not what others think you should do. Whatever it is, do it well!

Boys are jerks! If you accept this idea, you will get along fine with all of them. If he says let's climb a tree, do it only if you want to climb a tree. Should you decide you just want to enjoy looking at the tree, you do just that. Let him climb it himself.

Set small goals for yourself. Don't use other peoples ideas for yourself. Accept your limitations and work hard at developing your strengths.

Trust your parents for good, honest advice. Even when you disagree with them. Remember they have your best interests at heart. You are going to test the limits set by your parents. When you do, set your own limits. Don't let others do it for you. Your mom and Aunt can tell you more about this.

Love your pets. They will always love you back without question.

My job in your life is to give you all the love I can find. Take advantage of me. I won't be around for ever, so let's enjoy each other while we can.



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Puffy and Pregnant

At my doctor’s office we have to weigh our selves and do our own urine test. I know I thought it was a little weird too but what can you do? The nurse at the office is one of the strangest people I have ever met. She is one of those women that you feel like you have offended some how but are not sure what you did. For example, yesterday I weighed myself and successfully completed my urine test (which by the way gets increasingly harder as your stomach gets bigger). She was standing in this very small hall that leads back to the waiting room and I crossed in front of her because she was just standing there and she gave me a dirty look. So when it was my turn to go in to the doctor’s office and get poked and prodded at she took me back there all Nurse Gumpy – until I asked her if she had Canada Day off (which she did) and then we were best friends. She was then all happy and joking around. It was like Jeckel and Hyde. At this point I have told her my weight and it is up 4 pounds from the previous week (5 days earlier) and I’m thinking to my self – lay off the ice cream sandwiches you fatty. I am now 5 pounds away from weighing more then B-Dog. No offense honey but that was not my goal J At this point she leaves and the Dr. Funny Pants comes in (he’s Scottish and I think he is a riot.) He does his stuff and then I mention that I have gained 4 pounds since the last time I saw him… he tells me it could be water retention and that the baby puts on fat in the last couple of weeks. Then he takes a long look at me and says… Well - you are looking a little PUFFY! I thought this was hysterical. No I do not think you should call a pregnant woman PUFFY – especially near the end – but he does it in his Scottish accent and I can’t help my self but laugh. So now I’m not only the size of a House I’m PUFFY on top of it. Lol

If you can’t laugh at your self who can you laugh at?

xoxo KL

Countdowns are slowly disappearing…..

There are less then two days left at work and I’ll be on Mat-Leave. A wee bit crazy but good all at the same time. It will be weird not having to get up and go into work everyday but it will be even stranger waiting at home for labour to begin. I will however do my very best to get the most amazing tan possible before the baby gets here. It may even become my mission. The funny thing about tanning and being pregnant is that you can’t lay on your stomach and get your backside tanned. So basically I will look super hot from the front and pasty white in the back. They need to invent a floaty for the pool that allows a pregnant woman to lay on her stomach and not drown… wait I think they call those things inner tubes. I can just picture it now – Beached Whale – call 911!!!! lol

In less then 5 days I get my braces off. I will give birth to new teeth (I had my braces put on 9 months ago) and a baby all in the same month. Doesn’t get much better then that. I wish I could get them off by this weekend because my mother in law is having a baby/wedding shower for us and I would have loved to have shown off my new teeth J That’s okay it’s a pool party and I may just test out the inner tube theory.

Everything is coming along for the wedding too. We have the DJ locked in and ready to show us how to P.A.R.T.A.Y!! I would like you all to know that I had to fight to get Bon Jovi played at our wedding (they are on B’s do not play list) Girls you can thank me later. I did put the Funky Chicken, Macarena and the Grease Melody on the list too! We have finalized the meal plan and picked out the wines (boo KL was not able to sample L ) We also have the decorated on board with my vision for what I would like the reception hall to look like. Honestly – I come up with some of the craziest stuff some times and I’m surprised that people actually understand me when I explain it to them. That, or they are just really polite and do the ‘smile and nod’. Whatever – as long as I make it down the aisle in one piece and B says ‘YES’ – then I’ll be the happiest girl ever.

I still have a couple of projects up my sleeve and I’m super excited to get them finished (thanks to the help of my girl crush SARAH!) I’m getting more and more excited all the time and I can’t wait for September to get here. Not that I’m wishing away time but it will be nice to try and get into a regular routine.

xoxo KL

Sunday, May 10, 2009


As I near the end of my pregnancy people are starting to notice a lot more that I'm growing a small child inside of me. My two favourite stories are:

One of my bosses from work had been away on business for 3 weeks and stopped at my desk the other day to see how I was doing and this is what he said.... KL you are HUGE!! I was laughing so hard when he said this. 1st - I know he wasn't trying to be rude because he asked me a ton of great questions afterwards. 2nd -  I think he forgot he was talking to a woman. 3rd- I probably have grow a lot since the last time I saw him!!! Anyways it's funny the things that come out of people's mouths.

Depending on the shirt I might wear people find it hard to notice I'm pregnant (I'm going to sticking with the shirt theory and you'll understand why after my story.) Random people I have not seen in a long time keep telling me that I don't even look pregnant. You would think this is a compliment but I think to my self...I'm 7 months along and I'm sure they're is some resemblance to a pregnant bully under my clothing or people just always thought I was a BIG girl to begin with and my "fat" is just hiding this child really I think it has to do with Big Boobs and the way shirts hang on me but you some times have to wonder???!!! 

I share these stories because I think they are funny and I understand that people are trying to be nice and I really do appreciate it but it's weird the things you think about when you are pregnant, hormonal and a little unstable. 

I have to say that I have two things going for me these days - I'm super tall and can carry weight really well. This is true, I have a lot more room to store fat then a shorter person does (I'll apologize now - I blame my freakishly tall parents) and I have a wedding dress to fit into in 4 months. I'm doing my best to stay in the AVERAGE weight gain so I don't have to loss as much afterwards. 

There are lots of fun things happening in the next little while and I can't wait to share them with you. 

Until next time.......

Thursday, April 30, 2009

You are invited.....

...well maybe not everyone but we have finalized the invites today and I have to say I'm beyond thrilled with the way they have turned out.

Sarah - my designer and girl crush - did an amazing job and I can't wait to see them all printed and ready to be sent out.

They are very non-traditional and a ton of people have had a hand in making them so spectacular.
My mom has done a the majority of the printing and cutting... I'm not sure what I would have done without her? My Bridesmaids have came down one weekend and helped assemble. It truly has been a group effort and I can honestly say I would not have been able to do it without all of you. 

I'll try and post a little glimpse of what they look like...however I'm not very technical and I'm not too sure how to do it? Cross your fingers... I'm hoping it works? 

Monday, April 27, 2009


I have so many things on a count down that I'm finding it hard to keep track so I thought I would put a little list together to keep my self on track....

Wedding - 4 months and 29 days!!
- crap I still have a bunch of stuff to do and little time to do it in... mental note to self "Get butt in gear!"

Babies Due Date - 11 weeks and 3 days!!
- Labour... scary thoughts!!

Braces come OFF - 10 more (long) weeks!!
- I can't believe that I will have had them on for 9 months... basically I'm giving birth to new teeth and a baby, all in the same month... lol

Last Day of Work - 9 weeks and 4 days!
- I'm looking forward to some time off with the baby and B.

Life will be somewhat normal again - 4 months and 31 days
- We leave for our honeymoon on this day.... all the excitement is over!! But this will be our first family holiday something I'm really looking forward to.

My Life will never be the same again but we have so many great things happening this year I am beyond excited to see these lists disappear.

Best Dentist Trip ever!!!

I went to the dentist today and he told me that I'm going to be able to get ALL of my Braces off on........ July 6th..... YAHOO!!!
I was so excited when he told me this I could have kissed him... however this would have made for a very awkward 30mins in his chair while he worked on my teeth, so I refrained. lol
I'm very excited that my first pictures with our new born child will be without train track teeth. This means I will most likely scrapbook them without hesitation... here's hoping I don't look like a train wreck after giving birth.. lol (I should so get some point for that comment.... Rob???)
My next appointment is in a month which means I have a new count down... 10 weeks today I will be brace free!! and hopefully pain free my teeth are killing me right now!! I figure this is nothing compared to labor so I'm sucking it up!!
I'll post pictures soon of what my teeth look like now.... crazy how fast they have moved!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our First Pre-Marital test

Let's just say that I have NO IDEA how to drive a standard car..... can you guess where this is going??
B purchased a new car last summer (Electric Blue - not my first choice in colour but I'm not paying for it so who really cares? :) He has been on my case to learn how to drive his car for almost a year now. One of the reasons it took me so long was because I did not feel safe learning how to drive a standard car in the winter - even though B thought it would be the best time. I just didn't feel like running over any small children or hurting B's car for that matter. Example, B does not like it when I lean against his car with jeans on because he doesn't want me to scratch the car with one of the metals parts of my jeans. I love my man to death (sorry honey!) but this is a little extreme, even for me the control freak of the century!! I respect his opinions and understand that he has his quirky little things just like I do. (I'm the person how changes people toilet paper rolls at there houses because I think it should fall over the roll not under. See I have my things too!!) BUT I did not want to be the first person to dent, scratch or dirty his car. I can just imagine the trouble I would be in if I ever hurt his baby!
I secretly started having my soon to be sister-in-law teach me how to drive her car (standard of course). I seem to pick it up nicely as long as I did not take it out of 2nd gear!! So you can imagine how fast I was going??!! I got the whole start/stop thing down but having to turn, potential shift gears and not hit anything still seemed like a far cry from where I should be. Her and I never actually left the parking lot to say the least. My STB sister-in-law just had a baby over the weekend (Matthew Owen, 7pds 10 ounces) so my private instructor is no longer available :( Therefore I had to break the news to B that he would have to teach me how to drive his car. Let me just start off by saying that I am a visual learner - I some times need to be told how to do something a couple of ways before I fully understand how it is done (I'm not stupid I just ask alot of questions). B on the other hand is the most analytical person I have ever known. We can sit and explain something to each other and be saying the exact same thing but in 2 totally different ways and not get what the other person is saying. This is our biggest down fall. (Not to mention that we are both very stubborn.) I'm sure you can now see why I may have wanted to take private lessons with someone else first to avoid any arguments.
It was a beautiful weekend, B and I decided to go shopping. To our surprise nothing was open on Easter Sunday (go figure!!) So the parking lot was EMPTY - except for a few strategically placed lamp post lol .... no worries I didn't hit any... this time!!! I decided it was about time I learnt how to really drive a car. I was so worried that B would get angry with me (weird because B hardly ever gets angry) and I thought this was going to be the true test to our relationship. To my surprise B has the patience of a saint and actually gave great directions. We drove around the parking lot for about 30 mins and I did mighty well - if I do say so my self !! With all of this new information filling my little brain - I started getting very hungry and we decided to make a "pit stop" and get a bit to eat.
As we are leaving the restaurant to go to pick up his grandmother in the next town over B decides he is going to jump in the passenger seat and make me drive 30 mins down the HIGHWAY.... yes a highway better known as the 403 with lots of cars and potential accidents. I hate driving on the highway on a good day let alone when I'm the worst driver on the road. After I wet my self - I mustard up the courage to face my HUGE, GIGANTIC fear of driving B's "BABY" and not killing us - ALL THREE OF US that is!!! Let's say it was kind of like playing a video game. I have my stick shift and steering wheel and all of the button/petals that give me power. NOW if you have ever watched me play a Racing video game you would have never gotten in the car with me. I am the queen of driving in to the walls and barricades that they set-up and always end up hitting something. Since B was so confident that I could to it I thought - why the hell not??!! I only stalled the car on the way out of the parking lot of the restaurant and when I pulled in to the driveway at Grandma's house. Yep - it wasn't pretty!!
To be honest - I SUCKED!!! I don't think I ever got over 105 kms on the highway (yes I was that girl) and I think every time I changed gears Brian had to remind me because I kept forgetting. Basically we made it there in one piece but it was not pretty!!
Moral of this long drawn out story is that I need to have alot more faith in B and not think the worst of everything. He did a great job teaching me and now I know he has a crap load of patience that should come in very handy when the little monster gets here. B will be calm, cool and collected and I will not! lol
We had a wicked day together and I can finally say that I drove a standard car and did not hit anything or break anything (as of yet!!)

Monday, April 6, 2009

What is a bigger word then THANK YOU!!!

I can honestly say that I am blessed with the best family and friends in the world. I love them so much that I sometimes feel like an idiot when I say thank you to them because it doesn't even come close to how Thankful I truly am!!


Cake- one of my closest and oldest friends just finished telling me the other day that her Mom has offered to make my wedding cake... WOW!!! that is amazing. I'm a pretty simple girl and that is how I want my cake to be - plain and tasty!! Here's my dilemma- I don't know how to say Thank you!! To have someone make us something out of LOVE is the BEST gift ever but I don't know how to repay her. (E- I'm still working on this one, I promise I have not forgotten!!)

Flowers - I use to work at a flower stand in L. in High School and my old elementary school teacher was the owner of this beautiful flower stand. I loved working there in the summers. When it came time to pick flowers for the wedding I knew I really wanted to see if Mrs.G could assist me (if she still had the business). Just my luck she does and she is going to assemble all of my bridal bouquets for me. I'm so excited for these flowers that I can't even stand it. I gave her my wedding colours and she is going to put something together for me. I'm pretty easy going so I'm letting her pick everything. I am paying for these but honestly I'm so excited that she is going to be a part of my wedding day!!
Our bestman's wife use to work at a floral company back in the day and has offered to make all the boutenierres (sp?) Once again how do I say thank you?? These are such generose people and I'm floored that they would take the time to help me.

Music - I have hired a DJ, sorry correction - a KICK ASS DJ for the reception who has DJ'd at all of my friends weddings and is going to rock the house at ours. I can't wait to dance off the last couple of pounds left over from being preggers!!
However my first ever boyfriend (we met in Kindergarden and we have been friends ever since) has said he would preform live on keyboards during our ceremony. He is an amazing talent and I'm so honored that he is willing to take part in our big day!!

Dress - This one I'll keep short but I have the best family ever! I did not fit in my first dress so as a present to me some of my family has chipped in and paied for a second dress. I'm almost in tears thinking about it. I'm so grateful for their generosity that it took me two months to send them a thank you card and even then that was not enough. I love them to death and I can't wait for them to see me walk down the aisle in the dress of my dreams.

Bridesmaids - I can honestly say that I have the BEST Bridesmaids EVER!! I have made them sit through numerose phone calls about all of the wedding stuff and now baby stuff and they have been nothing but supportive. I even had them come down for weekend of wedding FUN!! Yay right it was countless hours of them folding, glueing, taping and spray painting. They did it all with a smile on there faces and a beer in there hand.
They have also just recently thrown me a shower that was so thoughtful and FUN- that I can't begin to say thank you to them (N and K). It was held at a local Bowling Alley and the Theme of the Shower was games. We had tons to eat, plenty to laugh about and I got spoiled rotten. NOt only did everyone bring a game of some sort (I'm a big fan of getting together with family and friends and playing cards/games so this was perfect for me!!) but after all of the presents were opened and food was eaten we all Bowled. I would like you to know that I consider my self a decent bowler but I sucked large that day. I will blame it on the ever growing stomach that threw me off. Sorry baby I'm blaming you :)

MOM- I can't even begin to tell you all of the things she has done for me. She listens to me day in and day out and trys so hard to make this wedding so special for me. From going with me to try on dresses, to printing all of my invitaions, to going to vendors to see if they would be good for our wedding.. the list goes on and on. I love this lady to death and I'm such a better person for having her in my life.

Is there a word greater then THANK YOU?? Because if there is I would love to know what it is? I would then say it every day to all of those people that sacrific and do so much for me and my new family.

I truly am GRATEFUL!! xoxo KL

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Boy or Girl???

Before I even thought about getting pregnant I always thought that finding out the sex of the baby is such a buzz kill. A woman grows this child for 10 months (40 weeks) and has to go through all of the ups and downs of pregnancy - then the moment when pregnancy ends it's all over (or just beginning depending on the way you look at it) the doctor say's "It's a ...." and you're like "Ha - I already know." I ALWAYS felt that if you are going to go through x hours of labour that there should be something at the end that was similar to an award (because we all know they do not hand out awards at the end of it for having the longest labour or being the quietest (thanks Katie Holmes) I'll never win this
I believe that everyone has the right to make whatever decisions they want when it comes to there body and I will never judge them, but for me finding out the sex of the baby was never one of those things I was willing to budge on.
I remember sitting in the car with B talking about "if" we wanted to find out the sex of the baby (we had just found out we were expecting) and he said "yes", I was thinking - how am I going to explain to him that I don't want to know. However - the more I starting thinking about it the more I wanted to find out. With the wedding quickly approaching and not only wedding showers being planned but baby showers too!! I figured it would be nice to have everything planned for the baby before it gets here. If you know me you would know that I'm a planner (only when it comes to my personal life). I have a day book that I take everywhere with me and I'm not too sure what I would do if I ever lost it?? I began thinking about all of the things I would be able to plan if we knew the sex of the baby! So I threw my "buzz kill" theory out the window and B and I decided we wanted to find out the sex.
Months leading up to the ultrasound B and I had started talking about names we would call the baby. B is a BIG super hero fan!! He mentions to me that he would like to name his child if it's a boy : Peter, Bruce or Clark"e". It took me bit to figure out what he was talking about?? Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. LOL ... B is so clever... at first I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't :) Fortunately we are not giving birth to a 40 year old man so Peter and Bruce are out of the equation (sorry if that's your name), which leaves us with Clarke. At first I was not a big fan of the name but it really started to grow on me. Then I made the mistake of telling my mother about this name - now she is calling our "unborn" child "Clarke". Not only does she call the baby this but she gets creative and starts putting it on things and sending it to me. Now- My mother is the sweetest lady in the world and does everything out of the kindness of her heart (she has a very big heart) she is also EXTREMELY thoughtful but I was not ready to commit on a name. What if we have a girl?
Girls names??!!?? If I really like a girls name - Brian doesn't and if Brian really likes a girls name then that name was either been someone I did not like or she was a "promiscuous" girl in High School. Clearly I'm not bringing my child into this world and give her a strippers name. As I'm sure you can guess we have yet to settled on a girls name. This whole naming thing will be alot easier if we are having a boy!!!
Ultrasound day comes and the Technician said she "thinks" she knows what we are having- but B was not in the room and I made her wait to tell me. She goes through all the babies limbs and shows us the heart and let's us hear it and says "Do you want to know what I 'Think' it is?" and I looked at B in total excitement and she told us ..... she is not 100% sure but she "thinks" it's a girl!!!
What??? We are having a Girl! I have always said that I would be happy with whatever we had, boy or girl but I have such a great relationship with my mom that I always hoped that some day I might have a chance to experience it too!!!
NOW - We have been told that she "THINKS" it's a girl but they can not be 100% at this stage? Because they were unable to get all of the pictures the first time I had to schedule another appointment to go back and have the rest of the pictures taken. Yahoo!! we can have a second opinion on the whole sex thing!! I went in for the ultrasound and I had the BEST tech ever!! The baby was not cooperating and she literally had be standing on my shoulders to try and push the baby so that it was not stuck any more. The Baby was not very happy at first when she started pushing and moving my stomach all around but eventually the baby came free and she was able to get all of the shots. (I was very thankful because they would have made me go back another time to try and get the rest of the shots- that would have made it 4 ultrasounds in 6 weeks!!) This lady was super funny and said "I can't see a penis" so it must be a girl!! The way she said it made me laugh.
Still unofficially we are having a girl. I will not be painting the nursery PINK (since I'm not a big fan of the colour) but I caved the other day and purchased a swaddling blanket in Pink and Brown, so I'm starting to come around. I sometimes still think in the back of my head that this may be a boy?? (like a 5% chance) but I guess we'll know in just over 3 months. Time is flying!!

PS- We are not going to share the name of the baby until she is born. There are a couple of reasons but primarily because we still can not settle on a name, so I guess she'll be baby Mann-Smith- (Thorpe- that's for you P) for a little while longer!!

Heart attack at the Dentist...

Every 4 weeks I go to the dentist and sit in his chair and he takes off my old wire and places a new one on. I had my upper teeth done first - in October to allow room for the bottom brackets to be put on. In December, I had the bottoms put on to complete the "Brace Face"

This past visit (like all visits) I wanted to confirm that my top braces will be off no later then September (hello I have a wedding to be in) and he generally just nods and says, "Sure, Sure!" Well this time he said, "We will be waiting to take the top and bottom off at the same time." WTF???? Remember back before I even had these put in my mouth and we sat down and said there would be no questions asked - When I want them off they come off - Well apparently we are going to have some push back from my dentist. Let's just say this first.... My Dentist is a very smart (and good looking) man with children of his own. So he should know that when a woman is pregnant she does not need any added stress - let alone that this "woman" is also planning a wedding. Here I am will his fingers in my mouth and all I want to do is BITE down really hard and say "oops!" Just kidding! But I did sit up quickly and restate that "I will not have braces on the TOP teeth by September, and I don't care if I have to take pillars to them myself they will be off for the wedding!" Then he remembered that I was getting married and like any good man does - smiled and said "of course they will be off in time". Phew!!!
I will say this - I do not anticipate that I will have the bottoms off by the wedding but I knew that before getting my self in to this situation. I will smile strategically so that no one will know the difference.
Lesson learnt by my dentist. Don't piss off a hormonal bride months before her wedding, especially when it comes to appearance.

Until next time....

Monday, March 2, 2009

and a bump!!

Where do I start.... there is so much to get you caught up on. I'm going to start this off with a shout out to my new favourite blogger S and P. They are due a month after us and have started the blogging game.
I'm going to create a list so I don't forget to tell you a single thing:
1) Wedding day
2) I can't fit in to my dress
3) Boobs
4) Ultrasound 1-3
5) Tap dancing baby
That should be a good post to get you caught up on my life!!

1) Chosing the perfect Wedding Date
While since we are due in July- B and I have been contemplating changing the wedding date. We waited to tell our friends and some of our family because we knew that after we told them we would get 100 questions about what we were going to do about the Wedding. This is my new favourite saying "Whatever you want Honey!!" got to love my man. I really did not want to be showing at my wedding and look back on all my photo's and think "Man I was fat......"lol jk but I do want to feel beautiful on that day so we have decided that keep the same wedding date. Since the majority of the LARGE wedding things have been booked already we figured it would make life alot easier.

2) NO Zipper for this Bride
My mom, Cousin and I went out shopping a while back and we found a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress and decided to get it as it was discontinued and fit me like a Glove. The only down fall was that the girls were not very well covered. Don't get me wrong I wasn't going to be all out there but I thought it was classy and elegant (and I knew Brian would love it!!) NOW that I'll have a 2 month old with the hopes of breast feeding I don't really want to go for the Pamela Anderson wedding and since the dress I now OWN has a zipper back I will have to have major alterations done just so that I'd fit in to again. Now I'm sure guys would careless if I was all out there for the world to see - I did not think it would be appropriate to have the "two jugs of Milk" on display at my wedding. The search continues for the 2nd perfect dress. ( I really hope that someone has a party where I can get away with wearing this dress because it's such a shame that it is collecting dust right now... I may even just wear it for fun to a party and see if anyone notices. lol)
This time around I decided to go out shopping with my mom and her sisters. (Please note I was over 3 months pregnant at the time and I was just getting over the "I could puke at the sight of food" stage.) We actually had a really nice time and I found "The Dress". It was so nice to have my family there and see them when I stepped out of the change room because I knew that I had found the perfect fit for me. (No excess boobage showing and it had a lace-up back so if I decided to eat everything in sight before this child gets here then I have some wiggle room.) I can't wait for Brian to see me in this dress .

3) Why Oh, why!! Did I get all of the boob genes?
Some of you are propable saying "Shut up!!" right now - I have come to my own conclusions regarding this touchy subject. "If you have them you don't want them and if you don't have them you want them." Let's just say I'm the first of these two scenerios. However my younger sister has this petite frame (but tall like me) with itty bitty boobs. So for some reason I took up all the boob genes
I first knew I was pregnant when I got out of the shower one day and couldn't even put a towel on my chest without felling like I was drying myself off with Sand paper. They are so sore and tender and HUGE!! As mentioned previously I'm not really one of those girls who likes having big boobs. Here are a few things I hate about them - I can't wear button-up shirt (they don't button up !!) - I can never find a comfortable bra that lift and seperates without having to spend $100 and have it flown in from over seas. - I hate clevage on big breasted woman, I think it looks like a butt crack on your chest. (no one likes looking at a plumbers butt, why would they want to see that in the front too!! ) Lastly, running hurts... I sometimes think I might get a black eye??
Now that I have hormones raging inside of me and these two humps in my way I'm starting to get really scared for when I start feeding. I'm seriously going to need a moo moo just to cover up.
After all that being said - my younger sister has this petite frame (but tall like me) with itty bitty boobs. So for some reason I MUST have took up all the boob genes and hope that they will stay under control after the wedding.

4) Ultrasound = Paparazzi
We had our first Ultrasound at week 11 (or so we thought). I was so excited and could not wait to see the little blob on the screen. I drank all my water and happily left work early to go to the clinic. B met me there and we waited until it was our turn. I went back in to the room, sans B because it said "No family members allowed during the Ultrasound" so he waited patiently for them to come get him for when he could see what was going on. I guess I should have started this off by saying since this little peanut was a BIG surprise we had to have an Ultrasound for dating purposes. I got on the table in the room and the TECH- we'll call her "EVIL" started trying to take the measurements. Well let's just say EVIL was not having a good day because she was the coldest person I have ever met. She would not talk to me or let me see what was going on. Eventually she said that I had not drank enough water and she needed to perforn an ultrasound in a VERY unpleasant way... I'll leave it at that. By then end we found out that we were actually 13 weeks along (It was a very busy October.. sorry mom too much information I know) but this means we get to meet the little peanut sooner then we expected. EVIL - never once let me see what was going on and in theend told me to dress and that we were done. B and I were so disappointed because we had these expectations of seeing a little blob and we got nothing :(
At 18 weeks we had our "for real" ultrasound, where we wanted to find out the sex of the baby. I'll leave that story for another post!! Let's just say that this technician was 110 times better then the last one I had but because the baby appeared to be "stuck" upside down in my wooha she was unable to get all of the measurements. She did however manage to give us 2 pictures of the baby and "it" had it's little fist pumping in the air for one of the shots. The little peanut was moving so much (legs and arms only because the head was stuck in the same position- it was really funny to watch) that the tech was unable to give us more but on the third go around I had the BEST technician and she decided she would take the babies first photo shoot and gave us a ton of pictures. Eventhough she practically made me stand on my head to get all of the measurements. She insisted that I should not have to come back a 4th time. I loved her!!
All in all the unltrasounds went really well - we have a healthy little baby and it's cool to think of it moving around inside of you just waiting to come out.

5) I'm growing a soccor player...
This child will not stop moving inside of me... if I sit for one second it is moving and groovin'. If it's time for me to eat... the baby is knocking on my stomach saying "feed me, feed me!!" I lay down at night and try to get to sleep and the baby thinks it's partay time and starts wiggling and moving and who knows what else. (This child could probably give swimming lessons at this point!!)
Please do not take this the wrong way I LOVE ALL of the movements but if this child is moving this much now what is going to happen when it is finally here?? I can't wait to find out what kind of little personality the peanut is going to have. I hope the baby has Brian's patients and brain - and my sense of humor (that is really all I want to contribute to this poor child.) I hope they do not get my ability to get lost (even with a GPS) or my nose.... that would be bad. I just hope that this little peanut grows up as close to his/her family as it's parents are and that it does not take life too seriously. Happy and Healthy that is all I can ask for :)

Wow- I feel alot better now that I have reacquinted my self with this whole blogging thing. I have more to tell but apparently feeding B and the baby have to take priority and I have to jet.

I'll be back in a couple of months... Just kidding!! I'm going to try and be more proactive and get myself up to date.

I'll be back!! !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

I want to start this post by saying "I'm sorry"!! I have neglected you for so long but with good reason.
While starting this journey in Wedding planning we never thought in a 100 years that we would be dealing with a curve ball like this one. Granted it is really well received curve ball but very UNEXPECTED!! At the end of November, while B was up north working, I started getting very sick. I didn't think much of it but it lasted a really long time. I went to the doctors to get checked out and they gave me medicine for the symptoms I was having. I went home and was still not feeling better after having this medication. Some thing was not right and I started thinking back over the past couple of months and could not remember the last time Aunt Flow came for a visit... this is not unusual in my life but there were other things that led me to take a pregnancy test. While waiting for the results a little blue line (-) appeared in one of the two windows. I looked at the box and it said negative.... then I looked back at the stick and another blue line appeared this time it made a cross (+) I was confused... what did this mean?? I verified the box and it said "any resemblance of a cross means you are pregnant". By this time the cross was no longer light blue it was BRIGHT blue. In the 'second' verification window there was another line appearing and by this time I was thinking, could I really be pregnant??? I was pretty much in denial because I had convinced my self that there must have been something in the medication I was taking for it to come out this way. I was happy with this conclusion I had come to and I went to bed. I slept like a baby... no pun indented!!

The next day I woke up and thought it would probably be a good idea to let B in on my revelation last night so I called him at work and told him what had happened and he was 100% supportive. I went back to the doctors office and they did another urine test - well the results were the same and I was definitely pregnant. I was still not convinced that my eggs were that good and B's swimmers actually made it to the egg in order to produce such a wonderful gift. So I made the doctor take a blood test to be 100% sure that I was pregnant. All I could think about was I'm going to be a mom and how in the hell am I going to fit in to my wedding dress???

I called B to tell him the good news and we were both a bit shocked and happy all at the same time. We had a lot of decisions to make in the next little while that would effect so many things. Would we change the wedding date? Will we still have a large wedding and invite all of our friends and family? So many things to digest and on top of this I could pee every 2 hours and sleep at 3pm every single day.

B was absolutely amazing through this whole process. He has been nothing but supportive and caring and everything I could ask for. I'm one lucky girl to be marrying such a wonderful man.

Check back in soon to hear about all the trials and tribulations that I'm going through planning a wedding and getting ready for a new baby.

Thank you for being patient with me while I get back on my feet and I'll write soon.