Monday, March 2, 2009

and a bump!!

Where do I start.... there is so much to get you caught up on. I'm going to start this off with a shout out to my new favourite blogger S and P. They are due a month after us and have started the blogging game.
I'm going to create a list so I don't forget to tell you a single thing:
1) Wedding day
2) I can't fit in to my dress
3) Boobs
4) Ultrasound 1-3
5) Tap dancing baby
That should be a good post to get you caught up on my life!!

1) Chosing the perfect Wedding Date
While since we are due in July- B and I have been contemplating changing the wedding date. We waited to tell our friends and some of our family because we knew that after we told them we would get 100 questions about what we were going to do about the Wedding. This is my new favourite saying "Whatever you want Honey!!" got to love my man. I really did not want to be showing at my wedding and look back on all my photo's and think "Man I was fat......"lol jk but I do want to feel beautiful on that day so we have decided that keep the same wedding date. Since the majority of the LARGE wedding things have been booked already we figured it would make life alot easier.

2) NO Zipper for this Bride
My mom, Cousin and I went out shopping a while back and we found a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress and decided to get it as it was discontinued and fit me like a Glove. The only down fall was that the girls were not very well covered. Don't get me wrong I wasn't going to be all out there but I thought it was classy and elegant (and I knew Brian would love it!!) NOW that I'll have a 2 month old with the hopes of breast feeding I don't really want to go for the Pamela Anderson wedding and since the dress I now OWN has a zipper back I will have to have major alterations done just so that I'd fit in to again. Now I'm sure guys would careless if I was all out there for the world to see - I did not think it would be appropriate to have the "two jugs of Milk" on display at my wedding. The search continues for the 2nd perfect dress. ( I really hope that someone has a party where I can get away with wearing this dress because it's such a shame that it is collecting dust right now... I may even just wear it for fun to a party and see if anyone notices. lol)
This time around I decided to go out shopping with my mom and her sisters. (Please note I was over 3 months pregnant at the time and I was just getting over the "I could puke at the sight of food" stage.) We actually had a really nice time and I found "The Dress". It was so nice to have my family there and see them when I stepped out of the change room because I knew that I had found the perfect fit for me. (No excess boobage showing and it had a lace-up back so if I decided to eat everything in sight before this child gets here then I have some wiggle room.) I can't wait for Brian to see me in this dress .

3) Why Oh, why!! Did I get all of the boob genes?
Some of you are propable saying "Shut up!!" right now - I have come to my own conclusions regarding this touchy subject. "If you have them you don't want them and if you don't have them you want them." Let's just say I'm the first of these two scenerios. However my younger sister has this petite frame (but tall like me) with itty bitty boobs. So for some reason I took up all the boob genes
I first knew I was pregnant when I got out of the shower one day and couldn't even put a towel on my chest without felling like I was drying myself off with Sand paper. They are so sore and tender and HUGE!! As mentioned previously I'm not really one of those girls who likes having big boobs. Here are a few things I hate about them - I can't wear button-up shirt (they don't button up !!) - I can never find a comfortable bra that lift and seperates without having to spend $100 and have it flown in from over seas. - I hate clevage on big breasted woman, I think it looks like a butt crack on your chest. (no one likes looking at a plumbers butt, why would they want to see that in the front too!! ) Lastly, running hurts... I sometimes think I might get a black eye??
Now that I have hormones raging inside of me and these two humps in my way I'm starting to get really scared for when I start feeding. I'm seriously going to need a moo moo just to cover up.
After all that being said - my younger sister has this petite frame (but tall like me) with itty bitty boobs. So for some reason I MUST have took up all the boob genes and hope that they will stay under control after the wedding.

4) Ultrasound = Paparazzi
We had our first Ultrasound at week 11 (or so we thought). I was so excited and could not wait to see the little blob on the screen. I drank all my water and happily left work early to go to the clinic. B met me there and we waited until it was our turn. I went back in to the room, sans B because it said "No family members allowed during the Ultrasound" so he waited patiently for them to come get him for when he could see what was going on. I guess I should have started this off by saying since this little peanut was a BIG surprise we had to have an Ultrasound for dating purposes. I got on the table in the room and the TECH- we'll call her "EVIL" started trying to take the measurements. Well let's just say EVIL was not having a good day because she was the coldest person I have ever met. She would not talk to me or let me see what was going on. Eventually she said that I had not drank enough water and she needed to perforn an ultrasound in a VERY unpleasant way... I'll leave it at that. By then end we found out that we were actually 13 weeks along (It was a very busy October.. sorry mom too much information I know) but this means we get to meet the little peanut sooner then we expected. EVIL - never once let me see what was going on and in theend told me to dress and that we were done. B and I were so disappointed because we had these expectations of seeing a little blob and we got nothing :(
At 18 weeks we had our "for real" ultrasound, where we wanted to find out the sex of the baby. I'll leave that story for another post!! Let's just say that this technician was 110 times better then the last one I had but because the baby appeared to be "stuck" upside down in my wooha she was unable to get all of the measurements. She did however manage to give us 2 pictures of the baby and "it" had it's little fist pumping in the air for one of the shots. The little peanut was moving so much (legs and arms only because the head was stuck in the same position- it was really funny to watch) that the tech was unable to give us more but on the third go around I had the BEST technician and she decided she would take the babies first photo shoot and gave us a ton of pictures. Eventhough she practically made me stand on my head to get all of the measurements. She insisted that I should not have to come back a 4th time. I loved her!!
All in all the unltrasounds went really well - we have a healthy little baby and it's cool to think of it moving around inside of you just waiting to come out.

5) I'm growing a soccor player...
This child will not stop moving inside of me... if I sit for one second it is moving and groovin'. If it's time for me to eat... the baby is knocking on my stomach saying "feed me, feed me!!" I lay down at night and try to get to sleep and the baby thinks it's partay time and starts wiggling and moving and who knows what else. (This child could probably give swimming lessons at this point!!)
Please do not take this the wrong way I LOVE ALL of the movements but if this child is moving this much now what is going to happen when it is finally here?? I can't wait to find out what kind of little personality the peanut is going to have. I hope the baby has Brian's patients and brain - and my sense of humor (that is really all I want to contribute to this poor child.) I hope they do not get my ability to get lost (even with a GPS) or my nose.... that would be bad. I just hope that this little peanut grows up as close to his/her family as it's parents are and that it does not take life too seriously. Happy and Healthy that is all I can ask for :)

Wow- I feel alot better now that I have reacquinted my self with this whole blogging thing. I have more to tell but apparently feeding B and the baby have to take priority and I have to jet.

I'll be back in a couple of months... Just kidding!! I'm going to try and be more proactive and get myself up to date.

I'll be back!! !

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