Sunday, April 5, 2009

Heart attack at the Dentist...

Every 4 weeks I go to the dentist and sit in his chair and he takes off my old wire and places a new one on. I had my upper teeth done first - in October to allow room for the bottom brackets to be put on. In December, I had the bottoms put on to complete the "Brace Face"

This past visit (like all visits) I wanted to confirm that my top braces will be off no later then September (hello I have a wedding to be in) and he generally just nods and says, "Sure, Sure!" Well this time he said, "We will be waiting to take the top and bottom off at the same time." WTF???? Remember back before I even had these put in my mouth and we sat down and said there would be no questions asked - When I want them off they come off - Well apparently we are going to have some push back from my dentist. Let's just say this first.... My Dentist is a very smart (and good looking) man with children of his own. So he should know that when a woman is pregnant she does not need any added stress - let alone that this "woman" is also planning a wedding. Here I am will his fingers in my mouth and all I want to do is BITE down really hard and say "oops!" Just kidding! But I did sit up quickly and restate that "I will not have braces on the TOP teeth by September, and I don't care if I have to take pillars to them myself they will be off for the wedding!" Then he remembered that I was getting married and like any good man does - smiled and said "of course they will be off in time". Phew!!!
I will say this - I do not anticipate that I will have the bottoms off by the wedding but I knew that before getting my self in to this situation. I will smile strategically so that no one will know the difference.
Lesson learnt by my dentist. Don't piss off a hormonal bride months before her wedding, especially when it comes to appearance.

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