Monday, April 13, 2009

Our First Pre-Marital test

Let's just say that I have NO IDEA how to drive a standard car..... can you guess where this is going??
B purchased a new car last summer (Electric Blue - not my first choice in colour but I'm not paying for it so who really cares? :) He has been on my case to learn how to drive his car for almost a year now. One of the reasons it took me so long was because I did not feel safe learning how to drive a standard car in the winter - even though B thought it would be the best time. I just didn't feel like running over any small children or hurting B's car for that matter. Example, B does not like it when I lean against his car with jeans on because he doesn't want me to scratch the car with one of the metals parts of my jeans. I love my man to death (sorry honey!) but this is a little extreme, even for me the control freak of the century!! I respect his opinions and understand that he has his quirky little things just like I do. (I'm the person how changes people toilet paper rolls at there houses because I think it should fall over the roll not under. See I have my things too!!) BUT I did not want to be the first person to dent, scratch or dirty his car. I can just imagine the trouble I would be in if I ever hurt his baby!
I secretly started having my soon to be sister-in-law teach me how to drive her car (standard of course). I seem to pick it up nicely as long as I did not take it out of 2nd gear!! So you can imagine how fast I was going??!! I got the whole start/stop thing down but having to turn, potential shift gears and not hit anything still seemed like a far cry from where I should be. Her and I never actually left the parking lot to say the least. My STB sister-in-law just had a baby over the weekend (Matthew Owen, 7pds 10 ounces) so my private instructor is no longer available :( Therefore I had to break the news to B that he would have to teach me how to drive his car. Let me just start off by saying that I am a visual learner - I some times need to be told how to do something a couple of ways before I fully understand how it is done (I'm not stupid I just ask alot of questions). B on the other hand is the most analytical person I have ever known. We can sit and explain something to each other and be saying the exact same thing but in 2 totally different ways and not get what the other person is saying. This is our biggest down fall. (Not to mention that we are both very stubborn.) I'm sure you can now see why I may have wanted to take private lessons with someone else first to avoid any arguments.
It was a beautiful weekend, B and I decided to go shopping. To our surprise nothing was open on Easter Sunday (go figure!!) So the parking lot was EMPTY - except for a few strategically placed lamp post lol .... no worries I didn't hit any... this time!!! I decided it was about time I learnt how to really drive a car. I was so worried that B would get angry with me (weird because B hardly ever gets angry) and I thought this was going to be the true test to our relationship. To my surprise B has the patience of a saint and actually gave great directions. We drove around the parking lot for about 30 mins and I did mighty well - if I do say so my self !! With all of this new information filling my little brain - I started getting very hungry and we decided to make a "pit stop" and get a bit to eat.
As we are leaving the restaurant to go to pick up his grandmother in the next town over B decides he is going to jump in the passenger seat and make me drive 30 mins down the HIGHWAY.... yes a highway better known as the 403 with lots of cars and potential accidents. I hate driving on the highway on a good day let alone when I'm the worst driver on the road. After I wet my self - I mustard up the courage to face my HUGE, GIGANTIC fear of driving B's "BABY" and not killing us - ALL THREE OF US that is!!! Let's say it was kind of like playing a video game. I have my stick shift and steering wheel and all of the button/petals that give me power. NOW if you have ever watched me play a Racing video game you would have never gotten in the car with me. I am the queen of driving in to the walls and barricades that they set-up and always end up hitting something. Since B was so confident that I could to it I thought - why the hell not??!! I only stalled the car on the way out of the parking lot of the restaurant and when I pulled in to the driveway at Grandma's house. Yep - it wasn't pretty!!
To be honest - I SUCKED!!! I don't think I ever got over 105 kms on the highway (yes I was that girl) and I think every time I changed gears Brian had to remind me because I kept forgetting. Basically we made it there in one piece but it was not pretty!!
Moral of this long drawn out story is that I need to have alot more faith in B and not think the worst of everything. He did a great job teaching me and now I know he has a crap load of patience that should come in very handy when the little monster gets here. B will be calm, cool and collected and I will not! lol
We had a wicked day together and I can finally say that I drove a standard car and did not hit anything or break anything (as of yet!!)

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