Monday, April 6, 2009

What is a bigger word then THANK YOU!!!

I can honestly say that I am blessed with the best family and friends in the world. I love them so much that I sometimes feel like an idiot when I say thank you to them because it doesn't even come close to how Thankful I truly am!!


Cake- one of my closest and oldest friends just finished telling me the other day that her Mom has offered to make my wedding cake... WOW!!! that is amazing. I'm a pretty simple girl and that is how I want my cake to be - plain and tasty!! Here's my dilemma- I don't know how to say Thank you!! To have someone make us something out of LOVE is the BEST gift ever but I don't know how to repay her. (E- I'm still working on this one, I promise I have not forgotten!!)

Flowers - I use to work at a flower stand in L. in High School and my old elementary school teacher was the owner of this beautiful flower stand. I loved working there in the summers. When it came time to pick flowers for the wedding I knew I really wanted to see if Mrs.G could assist me (if she still had the business). Just my luck she does and she is going to assemble all of my bridal bouquets for me. I'm so excited for these flowers that I can't even stand it. I gave her my wedding colours and she is going to put something together for me. I'm pretty easy going so I'm letting her pick everything. I am paying for these but honestly I'm so excited that she is going to be a part of my wedding day!!
Our bestman's wife use to work at a floral company back in the day and has offered to make all the boutenierres (sp?) Once again how do I say thank you?? These are such generose people and I'm floored that they would take the time to help me.

Music - I have hired a DJ, sorry correction - a KICK ASS DJ for the reception who has DJ'd at all of my friends weddings and is going to rock the house at ours. I can't wait to dance off the last couple of pounds left over from being preggers!!
However my first ever boyfriend (we met in Kindergarden and we have been friends ever since) has said he would preform live on keyboards during our ceremony. He is an amazing talent and I'm so honored that he is willing to take part in our big day!!

Dress - This one I'll keep short but I have the best family ever! I did not fit in my first dress so as a present to me some of my family has chipped in and paied for a second dress. I'm almost in tears thinking about it. I'm so grateful for their generosity that it took me two months to send them a thank you card and even then that was not enough. I love them to death and I can't wait for them to see me walk down the aisle in the dress of my dreams.

Bridesmaids - I can honestly say that I have the BEST Bridesmaids EVER!! I have made them sit through numerose phone calls about all of the wedding stuff and now baby stuff and they have been nothing but supportive. I even had them come down for weekend of wedding FUN!! Yay right it was countless hours of them folding, glueing, taping and spray painting. They did it all with a smile on there faces and a beer in there hand.
They have also just recently thrown me a shower that was so thoughtful and FUN- that I can't begin to say thank you to them (N and K). It was held at a local Bowling Alley and the Theme of the Shower was games. We had tons to eat, plenty to laugh about and I got spoiled rotten. NOt only did everyone bring a game of some sort (I'm a big fan of getting together with family and friends and playing cards/games so this was perfect for me!!) but after all of the presents were opened and food was eaten we all Bowled. I would like you to know that I consider my self a decent bowler but I sucked large that day. I will blame it on the ever growing stomach that threw me off. Sorry baby I'm blaming you :)

MOM- I can't even begin to tell you all of the things she has done for me. She listens to me day in and day out and trys so hard to make this wedding so special for me. From going with me to try on dresses, to printing all of my invitaions, to going to vendors to see if they would be good for our wedding.. the list goes on and on. I love this lady to death and I'm such a better person for having her in my life.

Is there a word greater then THANK YOU?? Because if there is I would love to know what it is? I would then say it every day to all of those people that sacrific and do so much for me and my new family.

I truly am GRATEFUL!! xoxo KL

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