Friday, July 10, 2009

Things I miss....

Now that I'm waiting patiently for the little one to get here I'm reflecting on all of the things that I have missed over the last 9 months and am looking forward to being able to do again shortly.

I miss not being able to reach my feet and properly put on shoes. Thank god for sandals!!

I miss not being able to get in my car without having to heave my self up there and heaven forbid the car door is all the way open because it is rather challenging to try and reach for it.

I miss DRINKING adult drinks. (not to say I'm so ragging alcoholic but I did like a beer from time to time.)

I miss not being able to shave properly. I always miss a spot or for the most part can't even see what I'm shaving.

I miss getting off the couch with ease.

I miss sleeping all the way through the night without having to go to the bathroom... Noted: I will still not be able to sleep through the night because of said baby but it will be nice to have my bladder back.

I miss not being about to eat without getting insane heart burn... I carry TUMS in my purse right now and it is the big bottle.

I miss how conversations use to start with what's new? not How are you feeling? Do you think the baby will be here soon?

I miss being able to see my feet.

I forget what it feels like to have full control over my own body. No one inside my kicking and moving trying to get out. However this is also going to be on my things I will miss while being pregnant.

I miss being about to stand in the kitchen for more then half an hour and not get swollen feet.

These are some of things that I miss right now, but I can't wait for the baby to get here and throw a whole new set of problems our way.


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