Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Puffy and Pregnant

At my doctor’s office we have to weigh our selves and do our own urine test. I know I thought it was a little weird too but what can you do? The nurse at the office is one of the strangest people I have ever met. She is one of those women that you feel like you have offended some how but are not sure what you did. For example, yesterday I weighed myself and successfully completed my urine test (which by the way gets increasingly harder as your stomach gets bigger). She was standing in this very small hall that leads back to the waiting room and I crossed in front of her because she was just standing there and she gave me a dirty look. So when it was my turn to go in to the doctor’s office and get poked and prodded at she took me back there all Nurse Gumpy – until I asked her if she had Canada Day off (which she did) and then we were best friends. She was then all happy and joking around. It was like Jeckel and Hyde. At this point I have told her my weight and it is up 4 pounds from the previous week (5 days earlier) and I’m thinking to my self – lay off the ice cream sandwiches you fatty. I am now 5 pounds away from weighing more then B-Dog. No offense honey but that was not my goal J At this point she leaves and the Dr. Funny Pants comes in (he’s Scottish and I think he is a riot.) He does his stuff and then I mention that I have gained 4 pounds since the last time I saw him… he tells me it could be water retention and that the baby puts on fat in the last couple of weeks. Then he takes a long look at me and says… Well - you are looking a little PUFFY! I thought this was hysterical. No I do not think you should call a pregnant woman PUFFY – especially near the end – but he does it in his Scottish accent and I can’t help my self but laugh. So now I’m not only the size of a House I’m PUFFY on top of it. Lol

If you can’t laugh at your self who can you laugh at?

xoxo KL

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